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Information for patients


How much will my payment be?

At Perth Endocrine Surgery we charge a $220 consultation fee. The fee may vary if an ultrasound or voice check is also performed at the same time if indicated. Medicare will rebate a proportion of the fees charged. 
All immediate post surgery follow ups are included in the cost of the surgery itself

I don’t have private health insurance, can I still receive treatment?

At Perth Endocrine Surgery,  we see both insured and uninsured patients and can schedule surgery for you as a public or private patient

Do you perform minimally invasive surgery?

We offer minimally invasive surgery through very small incisions or keyhole surgery when appropriate to all patients.

What exercise am I allowed to do after surgery?

We encourage walking around but to avoid the gym, swimming, heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for two weeks after neck surgery. If you have a hernia repair, we advice 6 weeks of no strenuous activity.

When am I allowed to return to work?

We provide a certificate for typically two weeks after most procedures. If work involves light duties only, some patients choose to return to work after 5-7 days.

What do I do with my dressings?

All steri-strips (small band-aid appearing dressings) should remain for two weeks and then can be peeled off in the shower. If you have a covering waterproof dressing (tegaderm) this can be removed after 3 days from your surgery.
Keep your wound clean and dry by drying it with a towel after showering
You may shower the first day after surgery

Will I have voice change after the surgery?

At Perth Endocrine Surgery, we have significant experience in preserving all the nerves that supply your voice box. Subtle voice change is common after any neck operation while the tissues are healing but typically only 1 in 200 patients experience true permanent voice change.

I am having tingling or cramps in my feet, fingers and around my mouth

If you have had a total thyroidectomy performed, take two tablets of additional caltrate every 20 minutes until the symptoms resolve. Contact us immediately to inform us and we will schedule repeat blood testing and immediate follow up after. If significant cramping develops despite taking the caltrate, present to the emergency department.

Information for patients: FAQ
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